Real Estate

a piece of
reconstruction of the city at a central position

With its distinctive rounded and heightened corner,
the corner building at the streets of Kurfürstenstraße and
Else-Lasker-Schüler-Straße corresponds directly to the church of The Twelve Apostels (Zwölf-Apostel-Kirche)
with its red-brick tower.

This juxtaposition of tower and corner, of church and apartment building is shaping a unique urban ensemble with a major impact on the further development of Kurfürstenstraße. With its architecture following the street, this corner building symbolizes a piece of reconstruction of the city at a central position. The corner is one important part of it. Another one is a row of houses with oriels leading from both sides to the corner.

It is the sequence in which every building forms a clear unit with entrance, oriel, loggia, balcony and a set back attic floor; With uniform, large windows and a subtle color differentiation, the houses form a harmonic series. Particular utilization of material elements, both in the church tower and the building entrances, in a subtle way refer to the dominant red-brick church being the focal point of the urban building ensemble.

Apartments of different sizes and qualities are located both to the street and the courtyard and garden. Together with the characteristic architectural elements and as a modern holistic concept, this residential quality places the ”Corner building Kurfürstenstraße“ in the tradition of historical Berlin townhouses which you can also find in the nearby and surrounding areas.